"Telephone Poles" set of 6 paintings

"Telephone Poles" set of 6 paintings

These six paintings are a collection called my "Abstract Telephone Pole Series". Each original piece is painted by mouth in acrylic paint on stretched canvas. Each painting is 9" x 9" and the sides of the canvases are 3' deep and painted all the way around for a very modern box-like effect when hung on a wall. They are not meant to be framed. 

The tiny wire details within the paintings are long lengths of black cotton thread that were painstakingly applied to the pieces to make the wires appear 3-Dimensional. All applied and mouth painted by the artist Mariam Paré.

Six pieces sold together in this grouping can be hung in a variety of ways; horizontally, vertically, in sets of two, in lines of three, or separated as individuals, for a very modern and sophisticated display.

  • Details

    ATP #1 - Yellow

    ATP #2 - Dark Grey

    ATP #3 - Light Blue

    ATP #4 - Light Grey

    ATP #5 - Deep Dark Blue

    ATP #6 - Turquoise Blue (last photo)