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Tres Fridas Project - Mariam Paré

Inspired by Frida Kahlo, Exhibition Reimagines Art and History Through A Disability Lens

On September 7, 2019 from 7-10pm, the Bridgeport Arts Center, 3rd Floor Gallery (1200 W. 35th St, Chicago, IL) opens the Tres Fridas Project exhibition and runs thru September 22nd. The project is a collaboration between three disabled Chicago artists; Reveca Torres and Mariam Paré, two artists paralyzed by a spinal cord injury, and Tara Ahern, a photographer with muscular dystrophy and scoliosis. The three bonded through art, advocacy, and a deep connection to Frida Kahlo.

Gaining their inspiration from the work of Frida Kahlo, a pioneer for artists with disabilities who unapologetically shared her experience, breaking taboos, and facilitating new understanding,- like her the three women use their artistic talents to produce thought-provoking images surrounding the disability experience.

They come together as Tres Fridas (the three Fridas) with a series of recreations of famous paintings from art history now on exhibition. Using the tools of photography, photo editing, and costume design, they reconstruct scenarios by integrating disability culture and artifacts into mainstream imagery as a way to redefine the way in which people think about disability.

The collection includes recreations of the Mona Lisa, Rosie the Riveter, The Last Supper, Whistler’s Mother, Old Guitarist, The Birth of Venus, Christina’s World and many more, all with the subjects being people with disabilities. The exhibit highlights the lived experiences of people with disability, starts conversations, and challenges viewers to think differently.

Tres Fridas Project documents and records Reveca, Mariam and Tara’s creative process as women artists with disabilities and authenticates the human experience of disability not as one of inspiration, shame, fear, or pity, but as one that is familiar and painted with love, pain, frustration, beauty, happiness and drive.

This project is made possible with contributions from 3Arts and individual donors as part of a 3AP (3Arts Projects) campaign. 3Arts advocates for Chicago’s women artists, artists of color, and artists with disabilities in the performing, teaching, and visual arts.

Follow the project on Facebook and Instagram @TresFridasProject

Mariam Paré

Reveca Torres

Tara Ahern

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