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Mariam Paré is a visual artist and self-taught mouth-painter. She became a quadriplegic at age 20 after surviving an act of gun violence. She later re-trained herself to paint by holding brushes in her mouth, and continued to develop herself as a "mouth-painter".


Today Paré is a prolific artist celebrated for her skillful mouth painting technique and thought-provoking multi-media works. In addition to painting, she also makes digital, and multimedia art often touching on facets of the disability experience

Paré is creator of Tres Fridas Project, a highly reviewed exhibition that "re-imagines art through the disability lens". She is a 3Arts Fellow, works in collaboration with UIC (Chicago) Disability Culture Leadership Initiative, and is a member of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Worldwide.

Notable commissions include Pierce Brosnan, Kathie Lee Gifford, University of Utah Rehabilitation Hospital, Craig H. Nielsen Foundation, Omorose Cosmetics, LifeWTR, Refinery 29.

Mariam Paré artist
Mariam Paré artist
Mariam Paré artist
Heavy DUTY
Mariam Paré artist
Heavy Dead 11x14 oil 2014
Imaginary landscape 4_ 12 x 16
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