Mariam Paré is a visual artist and mouth-painter. When she was 20, she was the survivor of gun violence. The injury left her a quadriplegic and so she taught herself to paint by holding the brushes in her mouth. She pursued a degree in Visual Art, continuing to develop herself as an artist and "mouth-painter".

Today Mariam Paré is celebrated for her colorful paintings and multimedia work. She is a 3Arts Fellow and member of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. Some of her major commissions include projects for Craig H. Nielsen Foundation, Omorose Cosmetics, LifeWTR, Refinery29, and Pepsi company. 

Currently Mariam works from her home in the Chicago area. 

Imaginary landscape 2_ 11 x 14
Imaginary landscape 4_ 12 x 16