Re-imagining Art Through the Disability Lens  


Exhibiting @The Cleve Carney Museum

Tres Fridas Project is a collaboration between Mariam Paré and Reveca Torres, two artists with spinal cord injury, and Tara Ahern, a photographer with muscular dystrophy. The three women come together as Tres Fridas (the three Fridas) to produce thought-provoking images surrounding the disability experience.

An interesting series of recreations of famous paintings from art history and popular culture, along with image descriptions that describe issues of people with disabilities living in today's world. They reconstruct scenarios by integrating disability culture and artifacts into mainstream imagery as a way to redefine the way in which people think about disability.


This immersive collection is celebrating Chicago area artists with disabilities, starting conversations, demystifying differences and empowering many to shift their views.

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If you are interested in hosting The ‘Tres Fridas Project’ exhibit at your gallery or space, please contact Mariam Paré.