This gallery contains images of original oil and acrylic paintings on canvas painted by mouth by the artist Mariam Pare'. Be sure to look at more paintings in the Mixed Media, and Holiday Art galleries.

Mariam Paré #mouthpainter
Pathos 11x14 oil
Toil 10x20 oil
Limbo 8x8 oil
Apocryphal Triumph 9x12 oil
Heavy 11x14 oil
Surrender 11x14 oil 2014.jpg
Chuck Close
David Bowie by Mariam Paré
Frida Kahlo by Mariam Paré
Self Portrait 9x12 acrylic
Albert Einstein acrylic 8x8"
Mariam Paré mouth painter
Lady in Yellow 12x16 acrylic
JFK acrylic on canvas 12x12
John Lennon by Mariam Paré
Gretel 11x14 acrylic and oil
Lady in Blue 11x14 acrylic.jpg
Red Riding Hood 11x14 acrylic
Scene from a Funeral -oil
Momento Mori - Remember your mortality
In Broken English - oil
My Pascal oil 20x10
Float Pink
Float Blue
Reclining Nude 9x12 acrylic and oil
Beach View oil painting
Hay Bales Acrylic Painting
Autumn Hill 9x12 acrylic
Forest Path 11x14 oil
The Grove
Rowboats No_2 9x12 oil
Coffee Noir
Idealize My Coffee
Sunrise in Venice oil 11x14.jpg
Painted Boats
Gondolas11x14 Acrylic Version No.2
My Shadow
Horse 9x12 oil
mouth painter
Raven acrylic 9x12.jpg
Bird on Wire
Self Portrait From Web Cam oil 8x10.jpg
Petite Mesange 12x12 acrylic and oil
Doggy Warhol 11x14 oil
Lambo 12x12 oil
Sundown 6x8 oil
Sunset Creek oil
Little Country House oil
Meadow Brook
Red Meadow Road - oil
Lazy River
Winter Colors 11x14 oil
Snow Covered Evergreens 9x12 acrylic
Winter Scene 10x20 oil
Wintry Dawn
Meadow's Edge
Sunset Silhouette 6x8 oil.jpg
Blue Tree and Clouds 9x12 acrylic
Shadow Play 8x10 acrylic mixed media
Red Tree Landscape
Reverie 9x12 oil
Shadow Cat 8x10 acrylic mixed media
Christmas Ornaments
Pear in Shadow oil
Cherries No5
Two and a Half Oranges
Pear Study
Lemons Commission.jpg
Cherries No4
Green Pears
Free #2
Free No1
Keep Me in My Place -acrylic
Labyrinth 12x16 oil
Labyrinth in Gray 20x24 oil
My Cubist Guitar 22x28 oil
Reves a la Femme
Life Systems 36x24 oil
Autumn Meadows
Autumn Aspens
Sundown in Ochre 11x14 oil
Red Afternoon
Blue Afternoon 16x16 oil
Abstract Reds & Blues 18x18 acrylic
Wet Flowers -oil
Poppies 12x12 acrylic
Flowers in Vase No 1 18x18 acrylic.jpg
Flowers in Vase No 2 18x18 actylic.jpg
Lilies -oil
Blue Vases
Girl in Green Sunglasses
Six Eyed Girl oil
phantom guitar
Self Portrait Blue - oil
The Crow Knows -oil
Self Portrait in Chair - oil

© 2020 by MARIAM PARÉ all rights reserved.

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phantom guitar