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Recently I had the amazing opportunity to be photographed by NYC Photographer Kathy Shorr as part of her portrait series SHOT. Her docu-style photo journalistic project focuses on survivors of gun violence. For more about this compelling collaboration click here. The images and stories will debut later this year. Check my Facebook for updates.

Last week I flew to LA ...I had the privilege to be invited to the home of Mr. Pierce Brosnan and deliver the Bond portrait I painted for him (mouth-painted). It still feels like a dream... To read more about my visit with Pierce Brosnan and the Bond painting I did for him click this link to my Facebook post about it. HERE.

Special thanks to the Mouth & Foot Painting Artists (

After doing a TV interview recently in Atlanta with the talented reporter Jaye Watson, the video and article got picked up my USA Today as well as the Huffington Post - both heavy weight media hubs with millions in their viewerships. I am so grateful for the exposure. A big benefit of it being the several people who decided to reach out to me with extremely encouraging words... compliments on my art... and messages reminding me that there are people out there who want me to succeed, who do not underestimate my challenges or merely sentimentalize my journey, but REALLY understand what it is I am trying to accomplish with my art. This means more to me than anything. For so long I felt undervalued. My art is what still gives me purpose. Knowing that the art I create makes an impression on the lives of other people makes everything else worth it. I feel like I have so much to GIVE with my paintings, and so many amazing plans for meaningful art to be made in the near future. I have a vision. I hope you will all stay tuned because I have just begun...

Many new paintings will be available in November! Sign up for my newsletter HERE or send me a message on my contact page. XOXO

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